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AF Symposium Video Library

Aging, Inflammation and Atrial Fibrillation - Jose Jalife, MD


Fibrosis and AF: Insights from Patient-Specific Computational Simulations and Implications for AF Ablation - Natalia Trayanova, PhD


Body Mass as a Common Denominator Connecting Treatable Risk Factors to AF: Evidence and Potential Significance - Stanley Nattel, MD


Linking AF Genetics to New Mechanisms: Are AF Associated Genes Potential Drug Targets? - Patrick Ellinor, MD, PhD


Novel Upstream Targets for AF from Genomics/Transcriptomics - Mina Chung, MD


Current Status of Screening for AF: Frequency, Significance and Limitations of AHREs; How Much Should We Screen? - John Camm, MD


Real-World Data On NOACs and AF: How Is It Generated and What Does It Mean? and Future Trials on Stroke Prevention in AF - Daniel Singer, MD


Factor XIa Inhibitors: A New Class of Anticoagulants with Less Thrombus and Less Bleeding - Elaine Hylek, MD, MPH


Understanding High Intracranial Hemorrhage Risk: Biomarkers and Challenges in Management - M. Edip Gurol, MD


LAA Closure: Current State of the Art and Future Directions - Jacqueline Saw, MD


LAA Closure with ICE Guidance, Case Transmission, Milan, Italy - Claudio Tondo, MD, PhD


New Technology for LA Appendage Closure, Case Transmission, Aalst, Belgium - Tom De Potter, MD


Anticoagulation after LAA Closure: State of the Art and Future Directions - Vivek Reddy, MD